A journey to zero waste is not easy. Thankfully there are apps that can help. Here are 4 apps to help you be more eco-friendly:

Refill bottle water
Finding free refill stations near you

1. Duitin

With Duitin, you can easily manage your recyclables. Simply choose your waste type and preferable time & date, the Duitin team will pick up directly from your home! What’s more, you will get coins and benefits every time you use their service. With the app, you can recycle a lot of things including card boxes, glasses, diapers, and even used oils. Amazing, right? Download it here!

2. RefillMyBottle

Bringing your own water bottle has become even more convenient with RefillMyBottle app. You can easily find free refill stations near you by using their map. The app started in Bali and now is available in 37 countries with more than 4000 refill stations listed. Wondering if there is any station near you? Open the map here!

3. Surplus

13 million tons of food is wasted every year in Indonesia. Thankfully, you can help reduce it by ordering food from Surplus. They got their food from stores, restaurants, and even hotels. You can enjoy perfectly fine and delicious food at half the price. Now that’s a great bargain! Not only that, bringing your own box to collect the food will give you 10% off more. Check if your favorite restaurants are on their list by downloading their app!

4. No Waste

Do you remember every single thing inside your fridge? Probably not. Well, No Waste app can help you list all your items so they won’t be forgotten and eventually wasted. This app can also track your food waste so you can plan your shopping list better! Get the app here.