Entering the new year, you and your partner plan to contribute more to the environment. Therefore, you decide that Valentine’s Day and other routine dating moments are done more environmentally friendly.

However, you may still be confused about what activities to do. Check out some of the following eco-friendly dating ideas with your partner.

1. Volunteer to Clean the Beach or Park

Strolling around the park or beach is already an environmentally friendly activity itself. However, your dating will be more meaningful when you also voluntarily pick up the trash that is scattered there.

You and your partner must have known that, even though trash cans are provided, the garbage in these two locations usually accumulates. Apart from the lack of cleaning workers, the awareness of visitors to dispose of garbage in its place is still lacking.

So, there’s nothing wrong with beach walking or strolling at the park while picking up trash that is thrown carelessly. You can also carry out garbage collection activities carried out by certain environmental conservation organizations or institutions if you want to be more organized.

2. Create a Small Garden

One way to live a sustainable lifestyle is to grow our food. Of course, this is not a difficult activity, considering that information and technology related to this can be found anywhere.

You and your partner don’t need a large area to make a small garden as well. Just adjust it to the available land or space, then plant any food ingredients that suit the area.

By planting food, you and your partner will feel that you have succeeded in doing something useful for both of you. This will give you satisfaction and strengthen the bond of your relationship. Moreover, when what is planted grows well and can be used together for a long period of time.

3. Help Animal Shelters

Animal shelters often need volunteers to help with day-to-day operations. You and your partner can together look for a shelter in the surrounding environment that really needs help.

The needs of a shelter will certainly vary and can be adjusted according to your capabilities. There are shelters that only need people to take the animals there for a walk. There are also those who need donations of pet food, medicine, and other supporting equipment.

Some shelters also usually have very few workers. So maybe you and your partner can offer to help clean up the animals and their habitat.

4. Decluttering Your Wardrobe

If you or your partner feel it’s time to declutter your wardrobe, this can be a fun date activity. You can tidy up each other’s wardrobe. Choose clothes that are still worn, then donate those that are still feasible but impossible to use.

While tidying up old clothes, you and your partner can share interesting stories about certain of them. This will make the decluttering activity even more exciting. And of course, you and your partner can understand each other better through sharing the story.

5. Vegan Dinner at Home

Plan dinner at home with a vegan menu. You and your partner can buy the ingredients at traditional markets or supermarkets that sell fresh produce every day. Then, cook it together at home.

Preparing dinner together is a romantic activity and can strengthen bonds between you and your partner. Moreover, you will learn new skills together that will make cooking more fun and meaningful.

If you and your partner are budding vegan chefs, opt for a simple recipe. When this activity is successful, of course, it can be done again or routinely with menus that may be more varied.