Living healthy while taking care of the earth or better known as green living is a lifestyle that we must live today. By implementing green living, we can not only save the earth but also improve our quality of life. Because with this lifestyle, we are able to avoid things that can harm the environment. So, we automatically go to a more protected, cleaner, and healthier life.

The application of green living is not just living in green areas, but also through environmentally-friendly actions in our everyday life. Here are five initial steps that you can apply to stay healthy while taking care of the earth:

1. Reduce the use of cars or motorbikes and switch to bicycles or walking for travel. If it is not possible, using public transportation can also be the right choice, as it can reduce emissions into the air.

2. Consume food from fresh ingredients rather than from packaged or canned foods. In addition to reducing plastic waste, fresh food ingredients are better for our bodies if cooked properly. Consume more herbs can support our healthy sustainable lifestyle as well, from adding herbs to your foods to drink various natural herbal drinks.

Buying groceries wholesale is also highly recommended. The products are usually of better quality and we can contribute in reducing the use of plastic packaging. If you choose to consume packaged foods and beverages, makes sure it is produced with natural ingredients and contributing in a sustainable lifestyle.

3. Gardening or taking care of plants at home can improve the air quality in your house. This activity is also good for our mental health as it proved to be able to relieve stress. With gardening, we can even produce our own food ingredients.

4. Maximizing the use of natural light at home to save electricity. Natural light from the sun is also good for the body, especially in the morning (7-8 am), because it contains vitamin D which is good for body immunity to skin health.

5. Manage garbage properly and don’t let it spoil in the house. Rotten garbage will cause bacteria and be bad for air quality in the house. In addition, avoid burning garbage which can cause air pollution and various diseases, such as cancer.