Are you having a party soon? Come on, keep making your party environmentally friendly, whether it’s held at home, restaurant, or other places. How to? Check out the full review below.

  1. Skip disposable cutlery

Turn down the single-use plastic/paper options and opt for a long-term solution in your home. Can use plates, glasses, cups, or other cutlery that is in place. If the amount is not enough, you can borrow a friend or neighbor, as long as everything is equipment that can be used repeatedly. However, if your party is large-scale and uses catering services, make sure the equipment they use is also not disposable, yes.

  1. Send digital invitation

Consider sending digital invitations to events at home, such as dinners, baby showers, or birthday parties that usually require paper invitations. You can also still make invitations as attractive as possible through free design websites like Canva. Delivery can also be via WhatsApp to email which is not only environmentally friendly, but also pocket friendly.

  1. Reuse decorations

You will most likely buy knick-knacks or new items for party decorations, right? Well, how about just using the decorations that are at home and it’s still worth using? Or, if you still have to buy a new one, make sure it doesn’t spoil and can be reused for other occasions.

For example, for a simple and environmentally friendly decoration, you can use fresh flower arrangements. You can also decorate your party with colorful and attractively shaped foods or snacks, such as cookies, cupcakes, and others.

  1. Eco-friendly goody bags

So that your party remains environmentally friendly, giving goody bags to guests is actually not mandatory. You can keep your guests entertained with delicious food. However, if you still want to give souvenirs, you can choose those that are environmentally friendly and are useful items, and can be used in the long term. Also make sure the packaging, bags, and alike are made of environmentally friendly materials, such as paper.

  1. Bulk shopping for snacks

For those of you who are having a party at home and want to provide snacks for guests, you can make your own at home with an easy recipe. But, if it’s not possible and you need to buy it, make sure you shop for snacks at a grocery store, okay? Avoid buying packaged snacks in large quantities which will eventually lead to piles of garbage. Shopping for wholesale snacks is not only environmentally friendly, but also friendly on the pocket.

  1. Choose potluck

Especially for those of you who are having a party at home, you can choose the potluck concept for the food. Ask several guests to bring food, drinks, or snacks according to the number of people who come. This is to prevent food waste from accumulating. In addition, a little lighten your burden as the host. Just make sure the food or drink that is brought is not excessive and enough for all guests who come.