It has become one of the important needs in the daily life of Indonesians, skin care products now come with various advantages. One of the most sought after advantages by consumers, of course, is the ingredients used.

Although the ingredients in skincare are important, nowadays beauty enthusiast have also begun to pay attention to the environmentally friendly aspects of the products they use. Of course, you should also apply this when buying skin care products that you use daily.

You don’t need to be confused about what brands carry the concept of being sustainable and environmentally friendly. The following are a number of local and international skincare products that you can choose from.


1. Somethinc

This up-and-coming local product is a favorite of skincare lovers thanks to its ingredients that are suitable for Indonesian skin problems. Somethinc itself has been undergoing a tree planting program with LindungiHutan on 2020. There are about 60,000 mangrove trees have been planted and scattered in several coastal areas of Indonesia.

Instagram: somethincofficial

2. Envygreen

Skin care products that carry an environmentally friendly concept by combining natural ingredients and Clinical Active Cosmetics. In addition, Envygreen also cooperates with CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Process) to make the product process safe for humans and nature. Along with these two things, this product is also undergoing a tree planting program with LindungHutan.

Instagram: envygreen_id

3. Control Zero

Another local skin care product that is environmentally friendly. Control Zero brings the concept of Clean Beauty, Cruelty Free, and Vegan. The packaging does not use plastic or bubble wrap. Control Zero bottles or packaging can also be returned for recycling.

Instagram: controlzero_id


4. Phykology

This South Korean skincare product is made with the Clean & Vegan philosophy to nourish the skin with marine botanical power. Using Korean Seaweed harvested from the sea that has not been contaminated with pollution. Then the seaweed is processed and cultivated on a small island called Wando, South Korea.



COSRX from South Korea has confirmed that its products are cruelty-free. No testing has been carried out on animals, nor by suppliers or third parties related to COSRX production. This skincare brand also does not sell its products in countries that still legally require animal testing.

Instagram: cosrx_indonesia

6. One Thing

Still from South Korea, One Thing is a skin care product whose claim is to use plant-based ingredients without the addition of any chemicals.


7. Make P:Rem

Inspired by the Scandinavian philosophy of minimalism, Make P:rem products are easy to use and effective, providing a sense of comfort for users and the environment. This product from South Korea is also concerned about the environment through the materials used to environmentally friendly packaging.

Instagram: makeprem_id