The toothbrush is one of the mandatory items in our lives. It is also one of the things we throw away the most as it must be replaced with a new one for health reasons. In order to maintain oral health, a toothbrush should be replaced after a maximum of 16 weeks of use. Unfortunately, this makes toothbrushes one of the biggest contributors to inorganic waste, because most of them are made of plastic.

This condition then led to an invitation to switch to a toothbrush that is more environmentally friendly, one of which is a bamboo toothbrush. The bamboo toothbrush itself is not only environmentally friendly but also good for oral health.

Benefits of Bamboo Toothbrush

Decomposable Material

The benefit of a bamboo toothbrush for the environment lies in the material used, which is bamboo for its handle. Although not completely made of bamboo, this type of toothbrush is still much more environmentally friendly, as it is categorized as biodegradable. While plastic handles take thousands of years, bamboo handles take less than 4 years to decompose. Bamboo toothbrushes are also more energy efficient in processing than plastic toothbrushes.

Support Sustainability

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants and does not require fertilizers or pesticides to grow. Bamboo shoots can also be a source of food that has been used by the people of Asia and Africa for a long time. So, even though it is used in large quantities, this plant will not disturb the balance of the earth’s ecosystem and still support sustainability. In contrast to plastic toothbrushes, which in the manufacturing process use chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Equipped with Antimicrobial

One of the reasons bamboo is easy to grow is because it has “bamboo kun” which is a natural antimicrobial bio-agent. Therefore, a bamboo toothbrush can also help eradicate bacteria in the mouth. Maintaining oral hygiene becomes even more effective with this kind of toothbrush. This antimicrobial also helps bamboo toothbrushes ward off germs when stored, making them more durable and can last up to 4 months of use.

Reducing Plastic Waste

In terms of material and product durability, bamboo toothbrushes deserve to be recommended as a substitute for plastic toothbrushes. Moreover, bamboo toothbrush products must come with environmentally friendly packaging, even almost without plastic. By switching to this type of toothbrush, we also contribute to reducing plastic waste that is usually dumped into the ocean.

Taking Care of Your Bamboo Toothbrush

With all its benefits, we also have to take good care of bamboo toothbrushes in order to prolong the life of the product. Actually, caring for a bamboo toothbrush is not difficult. Just make sure the storage area is dry, even better if the bamboo toothbrush is also dry when it is stored. When going to throw it away, you should first separate the bristles, which are still made of non-natural materials, from the handle. The handle can be disposed of in the organic waste bin, while the bristles can be disposed of in the inorganic trash can.

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