Sources IG: @boenkus

Food packaging is one of the biggest contributions of domestic plastic waste. We are used to pick up plastic containers and plastic cling wraps to keep our leftover food fresh in the fridge. If you are counting, the amount of plastic waste can easily pile up within a month and turn into a bottomless pit of guilt.

Thankfully, there are now better alternatives to conventional plastic wrap and keep the food safe with a beeswax wrap. It is simply made of cotton fabrics laminated with beeswax to give it a strong form and water resistant feature. The wrap is reusable and can always be repaired after a long time of usage by reapplying the bees wax. Since it is natural, the wax is safe despite being in contact with food. The only downside is that it is not vegan friendly.

Boenkus by Beyond is one of the pioneer brands that has been creating Beeswax Wrap in Indonesia. Besides the unique and cute wraps, it has also developed other plastic free products such as pouches that are great from snacking, and produce bags to help your shopping. Now Boenkus has more than 10 design series to choose from, which will give you more than 30 different designs at home.

Durability is a very important aspect for this wrap, and on average you can use one Boenkus wrap for two to three years, and even more If you are taking good care of it. Thankfully, the cleaning is pretty easy, you just need some running water and a little bit of soap to run through the both sides of the wrap. It dries quickly and won’t leave an ugly stain. And as said before, you can reapply the beeswax if it is ever peeled or lose its strength. Boenkus wrap comes in three sizes; small, medium, and large for your convenience.

By wrapping the food properly with beeswax wrap, you will keep it safe from water, moisture, and air. Yes, it sounds and works exactly like plastic wrap. But of course the difference is that it can be used again and again everyday!