School holidays can be used to carry out various environmentally friendly activities with your kids. In addition to contributing to protecting nature, the following activities can also foster children’s love for nature.

Take a Comfy Walk at Parks or Open Green Areas

This simple activity will introduce your children to the natural beauty around them. As well as teaching them to appreciate more of the beauty and its benefits for the earth. That way, they will grow with the awareness that nature should always be protected.

Taking a nature walk is also good for children’s physical and mental health. Proven to reduce stress, fatigue, and increase children’s flexibility and motor skills.

Likewise, for the parents, this activity will reduce anxiety and depression. Also, increase bonding time with your children.

Making a Compost Bin

Although it seems troublesome, this activity can actually be very entertaining for children. Just use a small container, for example, a 1 to a 5-liter mineral water bottle.

Put the soil in the container, and let the child put dry leaves, dry grass, or food waste in it. Also, show your kids the process of composting.

This activity will introduce them to composting from an early age. In addition, food waste at home will decrease by itself. Composting results can also be used to be used for your small garden in your home.

DIY Bath Soap

Kids will love “science experiments” using bathroom products. So, how about you make it an environmentally friendly activity with them.

Prepare special children’s soap (liquid or bar), scented essence oil, olive oil, honey, and a container. Pour soap (150 ml) and honey (50 ml) into a container, add 2 tsp of olive oil and 50 drops of essential oil. Shake until smooth, let stand for a moment until the soap can be used.

DIY Napkins

Use children’s old clothes and make simple napkins with them. This very simple activity is not only fun but also familiarizes your child with sustainable living from an early age.

Always keep an eye on your child and keep them away from sharp objects, such as scissors and needles. You can also ask your child to make patterns of certain objects and then stick them on the napkin.

Making Recycled Stuff

There are a number of stuff that you can make with your child using cardboard or used cardboard. Starting from flowers, dolls, to home decorations, you can find easy tutorials of them on the internet.

This eco-friendly activity not only reduces waste but also hones children’s creativity. This activity is also very affordable. Just make sure your child is kept away from sharp objects and always be with them until their works is finished.

Movie Night at Home

With a number of streaming services, you can take advantage of your child’s free time by watching movies at home. Not only special shows for children, but you can also watch nature or animal documentaries which are currently available in attractive and child-friendly packaging.

By reducing activities to the mall or cinema, the carbon footprint is reduced as well. In addition, watching movies at home will be more convenient and affordable.