Taking care of the earth, several world celebrities create brands that carry sustainable concepts. What are some celebrity brands that are environmentally friendly? Read more in the following review.

Human Race by Pharrell Williams

From skincare to footwear, Pharrell Williams’ Human Race brand was founded to encourage people to put health first. Launched in 2020, Human Race includes vegan skincare, footwear and clothing products. The company is dedicated to presenting quality products with a high commitment to sustainability. This is manifested one of the ways with products with environmentally friendly packaging and can be refilled.

Stuja Coffee by Ayudia Bing Slamet and Ditto

This coffee shop, which is located in the Cipete area, South Jakarta, comes with an environmentally friendly concept. Starting from the commitment to reduce plastic through packaging made of glass. Visitors can even take glass bottles home from this place and use them as reusable tumblers. In addition, Ayudia and Ditto also carry out waste management at Stuja according to the concept of sustainability.

Katy Perry Collection by Katy Perry

This celebrity brand was originally launched in 2017 in partnership with Global Brand Group. Later, Katy Perry relaunched the brand with a spring collection divided into floral and beach themes, and available in solid colors and prints. The collection includes sandals, platforms, loafers, sneakers and more made from materials such as vegan leather, PVC and eco-friendly canvas.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

This brand was launched in 2017 whose products include skincare and makeup. The sustainable concept implemented by this brand includes eliminating excess packaging, providing products that can be refilled, and free from animal testing or other types of animal cruelty in the production process.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

This brand strives as hard as possible to limit the waste produced and distributed by its products. Using packaging that is 100% recyclable and made from environmentally friendly FSC certified materials.

BaYou with Love by Nikki Reed

Focus on sustainable and ethical fashion and products, including jewelry, clothing, and beauty. BaYou with Love uses recycled gold, supports local artisans, reuses resources, and is committed to being zero waste. This brand also strives to always work with partners who share the same values, namely maintaining environmental balance and sustainability.