Any Chinese New Year family gathering needs thorough preparation. Besides cleaning up the house, there are foods to cook, fruits to buy, and red envelopes to fill. Oftentimes, plastic and paper waste piled up at the end of the evening. If you want to avoid this, there are things we can do to create an eco-friendly Chinese New Year Party:

1. Generic Decoration

Chinese zodiacs are changing every year, but your decorations can stay. Choose generic Chinese New Year decorations such as dragons and Chinese characters and stay away from the animals.

2. Plain Ol Citrus

Oranges are a staple during CNY celebrations, but definitely not plastic wraps. Unfortunately, many are obsessed with beautifully boxed and wrapped oranges that are sold at supermarkets. Let’s not follow the trends and choose how to buy our oranges wisely.

3. Digital hóngbāo

Hóngbāo is traditionally given in a red envelope, but now you can easily transfer the money to your relatives. If you still want to use envelopes, choose generic designs that can be reused.

4. Prepare Water Refill

Water in plastic glass can be a huge source of plastic waste during the celebration. Prepare a water refill spot and use a reusable glass. There are also plenty of party glasses that are easy to store and kids friendly.

What else you can do to create an eco-friendly Chinese New Year celebration this year? Let us know in the comments!