In life, we often find ourselves trapped in an excessive consumption habit. New products, brands, and trends are coming in almost daily, urging us to have them all. While it seems challenging to turn away from all the hype, some wise philosophies can help to ground us. One of them is Lagom, the Swedish way of balancing life.

Lagom is a Swedish philosophy roughly translated to “not too much, not too little.” The idea is to find a balance between practicing minimalism and finding joy in your possessions. It does not mean you have to get rid of everything. Instead, take a look at your items and decide if you really need them.

Practicing Lagom will free you from the thought of FOMO. When we know when it is too much and too little, we discover what it means to be content.

Now, Lagom does not only apply to product consumption. It is also an excellent base for many other parts of our life, including relationships and careers. Balance is needed to enjoy what you do and feel fulfilled in life. That includes having time for families dan friends, working, exercising, and relaxing.

You can start applying Lagom by being mindful of your current life. Take notes on how things are going and what small changes can be made to achieve balance. Soon you will find yourself understanding Lagom a little bit more.