Surely your beloved pets are cute, but you need to know the facts that they actually contribute to a lot of plastic waste and greenhouse producers from their food to their waste. In fact, research shows that 7% of the causes of climate change are by pets, especially dogs and cats as the most popular pets in the world. That’s why some environmentalists recommend that the industry related to pets should be more eco-friendly.

If you just started an eco-friendly lifestyle and intend to apply it to your pets, here are some basics you can do.

Starting with the Food

Consumption of meat by pets, especially dogs, is actually very large. Pet foods also use meat with the same grade as what human eats. This makes the demand for meat is getting higher along with the increasing popularity of owning a pet. That is why pet food contributes to climate change on earth due to the emissions produced by them.

To solve this, some pet food manufacturers have reduced the use of meat in their products. Instead, some use worms or fish as a mixture. This kind of product is also considered healthy for pets, so you can start giving it to your dog or cat. If possible, you can also provide non-preservative foods and made from organic ingredients. Always remember to also choose products that are environmentally friendly as much as possible.

Prioritize the Basic Needs

Always keep in mind that a pet’s basic needs are food, drink, medical care, exercise, and leashes. So, other than those things are considered secondary. Of course, it is perfectly okay to show your love and affection by buying your beloved pets some toys or accessories. Just make sure that the products are still friendly to the environment and buy them in reasonable quantities. Reusing toys or accessories purchased at a thrift store can also be a good alternative to buying new ones.

Properly Take Care of the Waste

Don’t let your pet’s waste left on the ground as its droppings can contaminate the air as well as the waterways when it rains. To prevent this, you can give your pet a pet diaper, especially during outdoor walks or exercises. Currently, there are many choices of environmentally friendly pet diapers available in the market. Also, make sure you don’t throw away any of your pet’s litter. Burying it in the ground and away from the garden or waterways is the most environmentally friendly way. Another way is to flush it down in the toilet.