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BOCA Espresso:
🌱 100% compostable
🌱 Organic coffee
🌱 Indonesian beans 
🌱 Proudly made in Indonesia.

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5 Reasons to Switch to Plant-Based Food

5 Reasons to Switch to Plant-Based Food

In the midst of the pandemic, it turns out that a positive trend has emerged among the people of Indonesia. Based on trends noted by Google, in 2020 there was an increasing interest in plant-based foods. This trend then continues to appear until now. Plant-based foods...

Living a Sustainable Lifestyle with Technology

Living a Sustainable Lifestyle with Technology

Nowadays, living a sustainable lifestyle is not a rare thing. Although not yet widespread, this lifestyle has begun to enter all circles of society. We certainly need to appreciate this by continuing to participate in campaigning for a sustainable lifestyle for all...

Dry Vagina

From some of the ‘amazing’ things that our vaginas can do, such as giving...



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The climate is changing at an alarming rate. And humans, more or less, contribute to the change.

It is undeniable that the modern world that we live in now has bad effects on the earth. From excessive use of plastic to chronic pollution, all of them has no good impact on earth.

How we can contribute to slow down climate change—even on a very small scale? By changing our habit. By adapting sustainable lifestyle. 

Thinkconscious.id is a place to promote a sustainable lifestyle in Indonesia. Our mission is to become a mass media that supports the sustainable lifestyle, providing curated articles covering what’s happening in sustainable lifestyle as well as curating sustainable products for our readers. Last but not least, we also aim to become a fun place for sustainable lifestyle enthusiasts in Indonesia to connect. 

Let’s make a change for a better future.




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