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🌱 Indonesian beans 
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Here’s How to Measure Our Carbon Footprint

Here’s How to Measure Our Carbon Footprint

In order to preserve the earth, any small steps we take will be useful in the future. One small thing that can be done to help reduce the impact of air pollution is to understand our personal carbon footprint. What exactly is a carbon footprint and how is it measured?...

Negative Effect of Microplastics to Us

Negative Effect of Microplastics to Us

The plastic waste that we throw away every day is not biodegradable. And over time, these plastics break down into small pieces called microplastics. The existence of these microplastics has become a new concern, because some time ago researchers found their presence...

Essential Reasons We Must Protect the Forest

Essential Reasons We Must Protect the Forest

A number of forest problems are currently increasingly worrying. Starting from the increasing logging of forests to forest fires in several areas in Indonesia. The solution to this problem is complex. However, we as citizens can contribute together in protecting the...



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A Message From Our Editor

The climate is changing at an alarming rate. And humans, more or less, contribute to the change.

It is undeniable that the modern world that we live in now has bad effects on the earth. From excessive use of plastic to chronic pollution, all of them has no good impact on earth.

How we can contribute to slow down climate change—even on a very small scale? By changing our habit. By adapting sustainable lifestyle. 

Thinkconscious.id is a place to promote a sustainable lifestyle in Indonesia. Our mission is to become a mass media that supports the sustainable lifestyle, providing curated articles covering what’s happening in sustainable lifestyle as well as curating sustainable products for our readers. Last but not least, we also aim to become a fun place for sustainable lifestyle enthusiasts in Indonesia to connect. 

Let’s make a change for a better future.




Chief of Story Telling

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