In 2019, Coldplay had stated that it would not hold a tour until it could be held in a more environmentally friendly manner. Until finally this year, the British band announced that they would soon hold a world tour entitled Music of The Spheres World Tour.

In accordance with their 2019 pledge, the world tour will be held by taking into account various environmental aspects and as low as possible on carbon emission. Guided by the 3 principles of sustainability that they put forward, namely Reduce, Reinvent, and Restore.

Reduce includes reducing consumption, recycling extensively, and reducing CO2 emissions by up to 50%. Reinvent refers to support for new green technologies. At the same time also developing new sustainable and very low carbon touring methods.

Meanwhile, Restore intends to make this tour beneficial to the environment by funding a portfolio of nature-and-technology-based projects. It also reduces CO2 production as much as possible.

This plan will be realized through the following 5 things:

  1. Reducing CO2 Emissions

Coldplay promised to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% compared to their previous tour (from 2016-2017). For the remaining emissions, they will be pulled through nature-and-technology-based solutions that they fund. Previously, the band had assigned a team of experts to investigate the environmental impact and carbon footprint of their previous tour. That way, CO2 reduction can be done effectively.

On this point, the four-member band will avoid using fossil fuels. These fuels are replaced as much as possible with clean energy and sustainable biomaterials.

They also promised to fund the tree planting program, one of which was by planting 1 tree for 1 ticket sold. At the same time also fund various programs of reforestation, conservation, soil regeneration, carbon capture/storage (DACCS), and renewable energy.

2. Using Renewable Energy

Aiming to reduce CO2 gas emissions, this tour also uses renewable energy as much as possible for its entire production. Such as by installing build-up solar tiles on the venue floor, outside concourse, and on stage. Charging will start as soon as they arrive at the venue.

They will also install kinetic flooring within the venue. The goal is to convert audience movement into energy and help power the show. There are also bicycles that can be used as electricity generators, so the audience can actively participate in providing power during the concert.

3. Reduce Air Travel

In planning this tour, Coldplay tried to reduce air travel as much as possible. As long as it is still possible, they and their team will use electric cars or biofuel vehicles. Even so, there are still conditions when air travel is unavoidable.

Therefore, all flights related to the Music of The Spheres World Tour, commercial or charter, will use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). This fuel is made from renewable waste materials that can reduce air travel emissions by up to 80% compared to ordinary fuels. Its supply will be fully funded by Coldplay

4. Eco-Friendly Stages and Performances

The stage design will be adapted to the availability of local resources on site. This is to minimize the wasteful use of energy for transportation. In addition, the stage will be made of a combination of lightweight, low-carbon, and reusable materials (including bamboo and recycled steel).

The LED wristband for the audience, which is the hallmark of Coldplay’s concerts, will also be environmentally friendly. Made from 100% compostable plant materials. Production will also be reduced by up to 80%, by collecting, sterilizing, and recharging the bracelets after the concert is over.

Special effects, confetti, and other performance elements also follow sustainability and eco-friendly guidelines.

5. Managing Waste

Waste is certainly a major concern, especially for the public, considering that concerts are a large contributor to waste. Therefore, Coldplay strives to reduce waste as much as possible and promote recycling at each of their later concerts.

The band will also work with venues to not sell single-use plastic bottled water. As much as possible, replace them with reusable or recyclable packaging. Merchandise sales will also be plastic-free. In this way, plastic waste will be significantly reduced.

Those are some of the things that Coldplay will do to make Music of The Spheres World Tour contribute to environmental conservation. It is not an easy thing and requires the cooperation of all the audience and parties involved. Even so, the band believes their positive goals can be achieved. More about the tour can be checked on their official website.