Storing leftovers in the fridge with cling wrap is not practical nor the best way to treat mother earth. There are better options to store your leftover. Use this instead of Cling wraps:

Beeswax wrap used to store a piece of bread
Beeswax wrap is used to store foods

1. Lunch box

Want to make your fridge looks neat? Use a lunch box to store leftovers and other foods. It is also very practical as you can easily heat them up with the box. The boxes made of stainless or steel are perfect to be steamed, while the glass lunch box is great with a microwave.

2. Beeswax Wrap

Layered with beeswax, this wrap works just like a cling wrap in keeping your food fresh inside the fridge. The plus points, it can be cleaned and used repeatedly, and can even be re-layered after years of use. Beeswax wrap is also convenient for storing raw ingredients such as vegetables, half-cut fruits, and onions.

3. Silicone bag or Zip bag

Both silicone bags and plastic zip bags are simple and can be reused many times as long as we take care of them. They are most compatible with solid food such as grains, nuts, and pieces of bread.

4. Compostable Cling Wrap

Just like your ordinary plastic cling wrap, this one from ecofrenbag is made of plants that can be composted in under one year in a home composting bin. It can help you to reduce plastic waste and its impact on the environment.