As you must have realized, air pollution in DKI Jakarta is getting worse. As the economic, political, and social center of Indonesia, it is indeed difficult to completely avoid the challenges of air pollution and the dangers of climate change impacts.

However, the DKI Jakarta Environment Agency is trying to overcome the air pollution crisis to get to a low-emission DKI Jakarta. Collaborating with the Government and all policymakers (public, private, academics, NGOs, etc.), the Jakarta Low Emissions campaign was created.

What are the government’s efforts in realizing Jakarta Low Emissions and what can DKI Jakarta residents do to support it? Read on here!

Low Emission Jakarta Implementation

Jakarta Low Emissions is an effort to support #RacetoZero, a global campaign initiated by the United Nations (UN). This campaign calls on companies, cities, regions, financial, and educational institutions to take action to halve global emissions by 2030.

In addition, Jakarta Low Emissions act is also part of the Climate Action Plan (CAP) and the Jakarta Ikhtiar, strategic documents and guidelines for achieving climate targets in line with the Paris Agreement (limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C). Towards a low-emissions Jakarta is also included in these two documents and will be implemented from now until 2050.

DKI Jakarta also already has climate initiatives available throughout this province. These include sustainable transportation and mobility facilities, innovation for waste management, the use of renewable energy for the city, expansion of green open spaces, and climate adaptation programs.

What is our Contribution as Citizens?

Towards a Jakarta Low Emissions, as well as tackling air pollution and climate change are long-term work. Therefore, in addition to being carried out by related institutions, the role of the community is very important to realize better air quality.

The government and the private sector do have a big responsibility to solve the issue with sustainable long-term control. As citizens, we must study the climate change problem so that we can take appropriate action.

There are several actions that we can take to support Jakarta Low Emissions, including:

  • Start by doing simple things in everyday life. For example, turning off lights when not in use, cycling or using public transportation when traveling, or reducing household waste.
  • Make your home an environmentally friendly home. It can be through the use of energy-efficient electronic devices, such as LED lights or installing a solar panel roof. In addition, you can also have lots of windows or space for natural light to enter to reduce the use of lights during the day.
  • Spread awareness about the importance of environmentally friendly actions through your social media. You can also invite friends or neighbors to do small campaigns around your home or circle of friends.
  • Participate in campaigns on a larger scale and focus on addressing climate and air pollution problems in DKI Jakarta. You can find information on social media or the internet.

Why Should We Contribute?

Not only in DKI Jakarta, but the climate crisis in all parts of the world has also become increasingly worrying. If we are reluctant to take action from now on, the severe impact will be felt by our future generations.

In fact, even now we are already handling the negative effects of the climate crisis. There have been so many natural disasters caused by extreme weather as a result of the climate crisis. A number of natural disasters then damaged a lot of infrastructures, lost lives and livelihoods due to storms, floods, and forest fires.

In addition, you must also realize that in the last few years, the air temperature has been getting hotter. This condition does not only occur in Indonesia but also in other countries as a form of heatwave due to climate change.

Causing uncertain rainfall, drought, to crop failure. Likewise, the effects on human health, one of which is the increase in heart and lung diseases related to poor air quality. Not to mention the increase in sea level which adds another concern in DKI Jakarta due to climate change.

That’s why we as citizens need to participate in overcoming air pollution, even only through simple actions.