After 12 years, the University of Indonesia (UI) implemented the UI GreenCityMetric World University Rankings, this year UI announced UI GreenCityMetric. This is a list of sustainable Regencies/Cities in Indonesia.

Head of UI GreenCityMetric, Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari, M.M., M.Sc. said, “Developments in the field of sustainability are considered quite important not only for educational institutions such as universities, but also for a wider range of areas/regions such as districts/cities. Therefore, UI GreenMetric as a ranking of universities in the field of sustainability is innovating and adjusting indicators so that assessments related to sustainability can also be carried out for districts/cities in Indonesia through UI GreenCityMetric.

This ranking is based on three pillars, Environmental, Economic and Social with the weight of the assessment indicators consisting of:
– Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (16%)
– Energy and Climate Change (19%)
– Garbage and Waste Management (19%)
– Water Governance (15%)
– Access and Mobility (16%)
– Governance (15%).

“UI GreenCityMetric is a platform to see sustainability issues in cities/districts in Indonesia. It is also hoped that sustainability in districts/cities in Indonesia will become a real issue that regional and central governments in Indonesia can begin to talk about and pay attention to,” said Professor of the UI Faculty of Engineering with information technology or computer expertise.

Based on the UI GreenCityMetric 2022 ranking, the following are the most sustainable cities in Indonesia:

  1. Semarang, Central Java for the treatment of wastewater with Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor which is similar to the Activated Sludge process, but with a suspended media mixture. In addition, organic waste processing in Semarang City has been processed into compost using vats, tubs, Takakura and biopori, as well as ecoenzyme.
  2. Kediri, East Java for its advantages in access and mobility. Providing public transportation specifically for the elderly and disabled, as well as bicycle lanes on the road.
  3. Padang, West Sumatra for its excellence in the field of water management, various programs for water conservation and the use of recycled water.

In addition to the three rankings above, UI GreenCityMetric also awards the best District/City in each assessment category, namely:

  • Semarang as the Most Sustainable City in Spatial Planning and Infrastructure
  • Parepare, South Sulawesi as the Most Sustainable City in the Field of Energy and Climate Change
  • Madiun, East Java as the Most Sustainable City in the Field of Waste Management
  • Padang as the Most Sustainable City in the Field of Water Management
  • Kediri as the Most Sustainable City in the Field of Access and Mobility

UI GreenCityMetric does not only aim to increase District/City awareness of sustainability. This activity is also to encourage all Regency/City communities in Indonesia to participate in supporting all forms of green and sustainable District/City improvement efforts with endorsement from the Ministry.