Nowadays, living a sustainable lifestyle is not a rare thing. Although not yet widespread, this lifestyle has begun to enter all circles of society. We certainly need to appreciate this by continuing to participate in campaigning for a sustainable lifestyle for all levels of society.

One of the factors of this lifestyle getting closer to the community is the existence of technology that makes it easier. Advances in technology have provided easier access to tools and techniques for living a sustainable lifestyle. With technology, now we too can live in sustainable more properly. The following are some examples.

The Presence of Environmentally Friendly Electronic Products

Smart electronic products strongly support a sustainable lifestyle as most of them are approaching environmentally friendly concepts. One of them is a smart LED light that comes with sustainable supporting features. As the most important part of our homes, the use of energy in lamps is certainly quite large. With the presence of smart LED lights, we can manage their use in a practical and effective way. Starting from setting the schedule on and off automatically to operating it remotely. That way, the energy used can be more efficient. In addition to lights, many other households’ electronic equipment also comes with environmentally friendly features. Among them are air conditioning, refrigerator, and washing machine.

Another product that is currently also considered important in supporting an environmentally friendly lifestyle is the air purifier. With air conditions getting worse, even indoors, these products are indispensable for maintaining air quality. Some products even use the latest Ozone technology to eradicate and neutralize bacteria, viruses, and harmful substances. Also, utilizes negative ion technology to remove PM2.5 for higher quality air.

Internet Presence

We need to admit that the internet helps humans in many aspects, including in living a sustainable lifestyle. A concrete example is that the internet helps us to switch to online entertainment if previously dependent on offline ones. The presence of music and movie streaming services has helped reduce the purchase of physical products for both. This can also be seen as an effort to reduce waste from production, distribution, and sales. Reducing the purchase of physical entertainment products also supports a minimalist lifestyle. Thanks to the internet, the smart electronic products mentioned above can also be present in our midst.

The Presence of Environmentally Friendly Automotive Products

Besides waste, the main problem of environmental pollution comes from vehicles. Currently, there are more than 2 billion motorized vehicles worldwide. And in less than 20 years, that number will increase along with rapid population growth in densely populated countries, such as Indonesia. Efforts to encourage people to use public transportation for daily mobility have actually been carried out. However, it seems that dependence on the use of private vehicles still cannot be reduced.

That is why some automotive companies take advantage of technological advances to produce environmentally-friendly vehicles. Currently, we can already see several companies issuing green alternative-fuel vehicles that do not emit harmful gases. There are also companies, such as Tesla and BMW, that issue energy-efficient and relatively affordable electric vehicles.

Technological Advances for Sustainable Agriculture

The world of agriculture is also undergoing evolution, including utilizing technological advances for sustainable results. Currently, effective and efficient agricultural products can be achieved through sophisticated agricultural tools. Thanks to advances in agricultural technology, farmers can accurately irrigate to carry out climate control for the success of indoor farming. Precise irrigation helps farmers get maximum yields and reduce energy wastage. Meanwhile, utilizing climate control technology for indoor farming can be an alternative when vertile land has been reduced on this earth.