Living a sustainable lifestyle can be supported by using the following applications. Let’s download now!


NAFAS’ mission is simple: people need to be aware of the air they breathe, and the impact that air quality has on their health and lives.

The creation of this NAFAS application stems from the increasing number of types of particles in the air that are produced by humans. These particles come from factories, vehicles, power sources, to burning land and garbage. Because we cannot see these particles, it is difficult for us to avoid them and end up inhaling millions of particles every day.

NAFAS was then created to help us reduce our exposure to harmful air quality by showing the quality of the air around us at that time. That way, we can minimize the entry of harmful air particles in various ways, from reducing outdoor activities to always wearing masks outdoors.

Android is created to enable users worldwide, an easy access for volunteers to be able to participate in sustainable, and environmental projects to help protect the earth, and help climate change. This app is made seamless, transparent, and interactive for users to experience the fun in change, and in creating these new sustainable habits. also enables you to calculate your carbon footprint, take actions to mitigate, reduce, and offset those footprints as your action towards fighting climate change. Besides having to calculate > take actions> and receive report analysis, this app as well provide in app games, missions and immersive digital experience for you to explore and have fun with.

The immersive experience in the app, also known as JejakVerse is a digital world platform built in to show you the whole visual of programs you find in the app. Allowing you to walk around, explore, and see activities we carry out in the digital World just as how we do, in the real world.

iOS (coming soon)


The JouleBug app invites us to be more active in the go green movement. Through this application, we can join the challenges related to environmental friendly movements on a national and international scale.

Challenges can be diverse and interactive with other JouleBug users. We can participate starting from simple challenges that can be done every day, such as reducing waste, being more energy efficient, and so on.



By downloading the Ecosia app, we can participate in a number of tree planting programs. By following existing programs, we are already contributing to the fight against climate change, protecting wildlife habitats, and collaborating with local environmental communities around the world. The Ecosia community itself is spread across 35 countries and has planted more than 150 million trees worldwide.

Apart from planting trees, we can also participate in other programs, such as the procurement of solar electricity in several areas. This is nothing but reducing the carbon footprint and producing more renewable energy.

Ecosia is committed to preserving the environment with financial transparency in every program carried out. This company is also classified as a non-profit with 100% of the profits made will be dedicated to actions to care for the environment.