There has been a huge confrontation between the non-meat eaters and meat lovers. Vegetarianism and veganism are often considered as a painful torture for those who enjoy the taste of juicy meats. This apparently has made many people afraid of the practice and fled the scene before even trying. That’s truly unfortunate as vegetarianism and veganism have many benefits not only to our body but also mother nature. Fortunately, not everyone needs to be vegan to help the environment.

Have you ever heard about part time vegetarians? Yes, it sounds silly, but the meaning is exactly in the words. Instead of pledging your entire life to be vegetarian, you can just skip eating meat on certain days of the week. Let’s say every Tuesday and Thursday you will change the meat diets into full of protein nuts and get more nutritious vegetables on the plate.

Another simple method is to actually reduce the amount of meat everyday. So if you are used to the meat based diet ratio, which means half or more of foods on your plate are meats, then you can simply replace the ratio with vegetables.

They are easy, and even fun to try without burdening your morals. The benefits? It will be tremendous! First of all, it is definitely healthier for your body to replace bad cholesterol with omega-3 from eggs if you choose to try vegetarian and other good fat from nuts if you are trying veganism.

Second of all, you are also doing good for the environment by reducing the world’s meat demand. Do you know that 350 million tons of meat are consumed every year by humans? In that number, 50 million chickens are slaughtered yearly. What’s more, that number keeps rising as more people can afford to eat more meat, and it is bad for the earth for several reasons.

Cattle farming is exploiting many lands and sources, and is the highest contributor to methane gas pollution that causes global warming. The scare space is also often filled with so many animals, especially in chicken farming, creating a poor living condition for them. Since this condition makes chickens prone to many health issues, the farmers give a high dose of antibiotic to the chicken, and feed them hormones so they can quickly be harvested in just about one-month age.

So now that things can get better only by changing our diets, will you try to be a part time vegetarian?