Meditation has many benefits for our body and mind, and eventually our life. It can improve our focus and reduce stress, leading to calmer and more peaceful days. While everybody wants to enjoy the benefit of meditation, some might have difficulties sparing some time for it. Luckily, there is a quick meditation routine that you can easily apply in daily life:

  1. Two minutes of morning meditation – Find a quiet place during your morning routine (does not have to be right after you wake up) and meditate for at least 2 minutes daily.
  2. Be conscious of your body – While going through with your day, be aware of your body and the sensation you feel.
  3. Notice your activity, be fully there – Avoid auto-pilot mode while doing your chores, even the boring ones.
  4. Be mindful when eating – Be thankful and eat slowly to really appreciate the food you are eating.
  5. Focus on your breath – Keep calm by focusing on your breath when your day is not going as your plan. 

By doing this simple routine, you will be better at meditating!