The use of silicone as a material for various everyday products is increasingly popular. This is because silicone is believed to have many advantages, one of which is durability. In addition, products made of silicone, especially for household appliances, are considered to be better than those made of plastic. Why is that? This is the reason.

  1. Non-Toxic

Plastic uses toxic chemicals that not only harm the earth, but also human health. One of the commonly used ingredients is bisphenol A, also known as BPA. Although currently manufacturers of plastic products include BPA-free labels, experts consider that plastics still contain toxic content.

Meanwhile, silicone itself is made of silica which is a natural element of the earth that is found in sand. Although still categorized as a synthetic material, silicone is considered non-toxic. Health Canada also stated that until now there has been no negative impact of silicone on health.

  1. Safe to Use Repeatedly

When we use plastic to wrap food, usually it can only be used once. This is because the repeated use of plastic is not recommended due to the large number of toxic substances in it. Unlike the case with silicone which is designed to be used repeatedly.

Repeated use of silicone is considered safe, mainly thanks to the minimal amount of harmful substances in it. In addition, this material is also very durable, even after exposure to extreme temperature changes from hot to cold.

The type of silicon is also resistant to exposure to ultraviolet radiation and ozone. This is what makes silicone durable and allows us to avoid using single-use plastics.

Is Silicone Biodegradable?

Same with plastic, silicone is a synthetic material that unfortunately does not easily decompose naturally. Until now, experts have not been able to determine with certainty how long silicone can decompose.

Although not easily biodegradable, silicone is still considered an environmentally friendly material. This is because it will not emit toxic substances when in the ground or in landfills. In contrast to plastic which has been proven to emit toxic substances when disposed of.

This material also provides many advantages, such as durable, can be used repeatedly, easy to clean, odorless, and heat resistant. So, its use can take us further away from guilt than with plastic.

Characteristics of Good Silicone

As for some of the characteristics of good silicone, especially for household products:

  • Flexible, when squeezed will return to its original shape
  • Heat resistance up to 220 degrees Celsius
  • Does not leave white patches or other colors after bending or twisting
  • No smell