Nutritionist and co-founder of The Healthy Nutter, Simran Nanwani, shares her views and experiences of living a conscious lifestyle. What motivates her and the extent to which conscious lifestyle influences her daily life.

Started after Becoming Vegan

In 2018, Simran decided to go vegan for the reason of wanting to live a healthier life. Then she realized that being vegan also has a positive effect on the environment. She said, “I first embarked on a conscious lifestyle back in 2018 when I first turned vegan while I was still working in Nestle. It started with choosing to look after my own health and then slowly gravitated to looking after the environment. After all, we live in an ecosystem where whatever we put out there is what we get back.”

Concerns about the Fate of the Earth and Human Beings

Besides being motivated after becoming vegan, Simran also realized that the condition of this earth is getting worse which made her more serious about living a conscious lifestyle. She explained, “We live in a world surrounded by lots of green and nature, yet we don’t have enough oxygen and require oxygen tanks for survival as of now. Both health and the environment are of greatest concern to me especially being the field of healthcare. Our health and the environment that we live in share a symbiotic relationship. What we put out there comes back to us without us realizing how interconnected it is. The pollution in the air, the quality of water we are consuming, and simply reduced access to the good stuff are affecting our overall quality of health. The products that we use on our bodies as well impact our health. The number of autoimmune cases has skyrocketed in the last couple of years and exposure to toxins is a big contributing factor.”

The owner of the.simway Instagram account also admitted that she was increasingly worried about the fact that plastic was found in the newborn’s placenta. “And, a TED talk showed how pesticides used in our food disrupt this ecosystem,” she added.

Start Small and Simple

For Simran who is also the co-founder of the Spirit Tribe Project, living a conscious lifestyle can start from small and simple things. Be it reducing the use of plastic at home or reusing them as much as we can. She also suggested, “When you have to dispose of them, try to do so responsibly by reaching out to many of the recycling companies out there.” For her, it would be better to use reusable packaging, especially for those which has direct contact with our body. “Using plastic interferes with our hormonal balance due to the xenobiotics present in them. Choose to use glass or steel,” she added.

Simran herself adopted a conscious lifestyle in the simplest way possible, by avoiding single-use products. She also often buys daily necessities at stores that provide environmentally friendly products. “We have really cut down the use of plastic in our homes drastically in the last two years and we have started recycling programs for other things,” she admits. For her, reducing the use of lights and always cooking food with reasonable portions is also important in a conscious lifestyle. In addition, it’d never hurt to support companies that promote sustainability. “Yes, they can sometimes be slightly more expensive but at least you are not harming anyone in the process,” she assures.

No Instant Result

Living a conscious lifestyle is certainly beneficial for us, although getting its benefits would take time. Likewise for Simran, “Yes, I definitely have but this takes time. The results were definitely not instant but my body feels so much better than it used to and when you take a small step forward, Mother Earth heals with you.”

When applying a conscious lifestyle, Simran also certainly faces various obstacles. One of them was when she tried to apply zero-waste. She stated, “Initially it seemed difficult and overwhelming, and definitely not something I thought I would be able to adhere to. On top of that you have people making fun of you, but hey man! You do your part. Not everyone might be on board with you and that is absolutely okay. You can’t change them; you can only educate them and influence them through your actions. “

Simran also shared tips to consider a conscious lifestyle as a simple lifestyle that we can do easily. “Simply start. Don’t get overwhelmed with how much you have to do. Take the single step in the right direction. Do your part. Start small & keep it practical. That way you can ensure that these habits will be sustainable. I used to be that person back in the day till I realized how far I have come along with all these smaller practices that it feels almost effortless now. I am definitely still on my own transition and journey as these things take time. You are not alone in this,” she said.

Simran’s Choice of RamahBhumi Products

When it comes to her favorite RamahBhumi’s products, Simran chooses those that she can use on a daily basis. “I like the bamboo toilet paper, kitchen towel, and facial tissue by Tisoo. This is something that is used excessively and simply switching to a more sustainable option can definitely make a great impact.”