In the beauty industry, the demand for eco-friendly makeup or skin care products continues to increase. This is of course a positive phenomenon and proves that the younger generation is also not so indifferent to environmental problems.

Even with this high demand, beauty product manufacturers are competing to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable products. The following are a number of sustainable beauty trends that are predicted to be increasingly popular in 2023.

Waterless Beauty Products

One of the most popular trends is waterless beauty products, which consist of concentrated natural component products that do not require water to use. This kind of product is not only unique, but also environmentally friendly, free of harmful chemicals, and does not contribute to water pollution. This waterless beauty product is also considered to be able to reduce the carbon footprint that comes from the distribution process.

Recycling Concept

The concept of this recycling is to use the remnants of natural ingredients that are usually thrown away, but are used for skin care products. For example, masks from coffee grounds, natural spices, fruits, to vegetables. In fact, there is a company called UpCircle that uses leftover food or drinks to be reprocessed into skin care products. One of them is a facial serum from coffee grounds.

Multipurpose Beauty Products

In order to maximize a sustainable lifestyle, there are now more and more multipurpose beauty products on the market. The most common example is lipstick or lip tint which can also be used for blush and eye shadow. For skin care products, for example, is a serum that also acts as a moisturizer.

Concentrated Beauty Products

Concentrated beauty products are not diluted to minimize carbon emissions during distribution. In addition, these types of products also use high quality raw materials that allow for a longer period of use. Companies with similar products usually come with non-plastic packaging, and save energy and fuel during the production or distribution process.

Other Trends:

There are a number of eco-friendly beauty trends, including:
– Production of beauty products with renewable energy
– Source of local and organic raw materials
– Reusable packaging
– Recyclable packaging
– Contribute to charities and environmental protection initiatives