Switching from single-use plastic containers to beeswax wraps is the right step to support your sustainable lifestyle. No less than plastic containers, this food wrap made from beeswax has good durability, is safe for fruits, vegetables, and snacks, and of course, is environmentally friendly.

Beeswax wrap is also durable, so it can be used repeatedly. To maintain the quality of your beeswax wrap, take note of the following ways to care for beeswax wrap.

Washing Properly

Start by wiping the area with food stains and rinse with water. Then, wash using cold soapy water and a sponge, scrubbing it clean, and leaving it to dry completely.

It is best not to wash beeswax wrap in the dishwasher, as it could potentially be damaged. Also, do not use warm or hot water, as the wrap may melt. Also, pay attention to the washing liquid you use. Avoid those that contain acid, vinegar, or bleach. Just use regular dishwashing liquid.

How to Store Beeswax Wrap

You can store beeswax wrap that is completely dry in a dry wipe drawer. Make sure to store the beeswax wrap away from heat, be it a stove, microwave, or other electronic devices that emit heat. The storage area should also not be too humid.

However, considering the temperature in Indonesia tends to be hot and humid, it is likely that the wrap will stick a little. No need to worry, as the beeswax wrap can still be used after being separated.

Repairing Beeswax

After a few uses, there is certainly a possibility that your beeswax wrap is damaged, such as torn, perforated, or very wrinkled. Don’t throw it away just yet, because there are ways to repair damaged beeswax wraps. Check out this video to find out.

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