Until now, there are still many misunderstandings about living a sustainable lifestyle. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding makes sustainable lifestyle avoided and difficult to develop in the community.

Here are some misconceptions about a sustainable lifestyle that need to be corrected.

Away from Technology

Since a sustainable lifestyle was introduced to the community, an action that often requested was indeed a lifestyle closer to nature. Reduce your use of electronics, go vegan, or produce your own groceries.

This then raises the wrong concept that sustainable living is the same as leaving technology behind. Makes many people think that this lifestyle will only make us bothered.

In fact, the concept of a sustainable lifestyle is to protect the environment in various ways. The goal is none other than so that people around the world and our future generations have equal access to natural resources.

The use of technology can be done side by side with living a sustainable lifestyle. Currently, many technologies have been developed that actually play an important role in saving the environment or facilitating a sustainable lifestyle.

We just need to make sure that the use of technology doesn’t pollute the environment and is in accordance with the spirit of saving the earth.

Expensive Lifestyle

A false assumption, but unfortunately one of the most trusted by many people about a sustainable lifestyle. It should be clarified that this lifestyle is not expensive and can be done by all circles of society.

It can be said that this assumption arises because sustainable products sold in the market are relatively more expensive than the regular ones. Make people generally reluctant to buy.

In fact, living a sustainable lifestyle is not always about buying, and more directs us to be less consumptive. For example, we are encouraged to reduce the purchase of products from fast fashion brands and switch to sustainable fashion.

When going to buy a product, we are also encouraged to choose the one with high quality even though the price is higher. High-quality goods will certainly last longer and do not need to be replaced with new ones for a long time. We can also save more while reducing consumptive habits.

Must Be Vegan

Being vegan has been proven to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Therefore, there is an assumption that being vegan is a must in living a sustainable lifestyle.

Although highly recommended, it doesn’t mean that being vegan is not the same as not supporting a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, there are some people who cannot simply stop consuming food from animal sources. So, as long as we can reduce consumption, we are already supporting a sustainable lifestyle.

Time Consuming

Separating garbage, doing composting, or gardening are often referenced that a sustainable lifestyle is troublesome and time-consuming. This discomfort is also a factor in people leaving a sustainable lifestyle.

In fact, we do not need to start from these activities. Living a sustainable lifestyle should also be done realistically. In accordance with everyday life and starting from small things first as well.

For example, starting from reducing the use of plastic, either for shopping or from plastic bottles. It certainly won’t take up much of your time. When you get used to it, you can move on to things that require more commitment.

Reducing Quality of Life

Seen from the surface, living a sustainable lifestyle is leaving the ease of access and moving towards a minimalist lifestyle. This also raises the assumption that by living sustainably, the quality of life will decrease.

While in reality, it is the opposite. By implementing a minimalist daily life, we have actually done a lot for this earth. Instead, we have played a role in creating a better quality of life by preserving this earth.

In addition, living a sustainable lifestyle will not interfere with our productivity.