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Have you ever wondered how we got into this mess, this plastic dystopia mess? Ever since plastic was created for human convenience, it has silently stabbed our back again and again until it is too late now. Such a gloom thought, yet we are facing a real problem here. Now and again, we hear about the accident in central garbage facilities, about micro plastic being consumed by sea creatures and eventually us, about sinking islands, and so many more.

Fortunately, people have started to realize the horrible sentiment plastics have against us humans and the environment. It started by finding a better replacement with the same or at least similar degree of convenience, as many of us still refuse to be troubled by complicated daily routines.

Conventional and biodegradable bags are now replaced by compostable bio-based plastic that will be decomposed in matters of weeks. They are made from plant’s fibers such as cassava and bamboo fibers and no toxic additives that will harm the soils. Food trays and packaging are having a similar solution, creating a better choice for restaurants and food stalls.

For your pets, now we have compostable waste bags and pads that apparently is also better for your sensitive dog’s skin as they contain no toxic and irritant additives.

Beeswax food cover has become a favorite by many conscious individuals. But compostable cling wrap is also available for more convenience in the kitchen. Plastic-packaging free cooking ingredients and dish wash can also become a great replacement.

How about your bathroom racks? Will those plastic bottles ever be gone from our lives? Soap bars and shampoo bars might be able to do it. Without wasteful packaging these marvelous items work as good as any other products. They are often natural and create less bubbles, which is great for the environment.

Within this talk about compostable, of course you would also need to have a home-compostable bin to dispose of all your organic house-hold waste. If not, they will be managed as any other garbage by the facilities and create the same problem as before.

More of course needs to be integrated in our daily life to create a zero-waste lifestyle. Visit ramahbhumi.com to find better choices for your conscious lifestyle.