Thrifting or buying used goods is certainly not a new thing and has been done for a long time. However, currently thrifting, especially for used clothes, is on the rise again. The younger generation no longer hesitates to promote and encourage people to do thrifting clothes.

In addition to reducing expenses due to low prices, thrifting is also clearly environmentally friendly and supports a sustainable lifestyle. For those of you who are new to thrifting, check out some of the following tips to make shopping for used clothes a success.

Thrifting Offline

Find a lot of information on places that sell used clothes
If you intend to visit several shops, make a list and map out a route. This is because usually used clothing stores are in the same area. That way, you can plan how long you will spend there. In Jakarta itself, a popular location for selling used clothing is Pasar Senen.

Decide what to buy
In addition to making a list of shops to visit and the duration of shopping, you also have to make a list of what items to buy. This is to reduce excess buying or space to spontaneously buy things that are not needed. Even though it’s thrifting, you don’t need to overdo it, right? Stay economical and environmentally friendly.

Check your wardrobe, donate what you don’t use anymore
Since you will be increasing the number of clothes in your closet after thrifting, you should first check how many new clothes you need. If there are clothes in your closet that are no longer used and are still usable, you can donate them first. So, try not to add too many things in the closet, okay? Keep mindful!

Choose carefully
Considering that what you are going to buy is used goods, it is important to be more careful in choosing. The main thing, of course, is the quality of the materials. Try to choose clothes with durable or long-lasting materials, such as denim or faux leather. Since these are used clothes, you are also likely to find many clothes that are torn, have holes, are stained, or buttons are missing. So, just make sure that such defects can still be repaired, so that the period of use will also remain long.

Thrifting Online

Know your body size
Each brand or clothing manufacturer has different size standards. If your shirt size in brand A is M, not necessarily in brand B as well as M. Therefore, prepare a body measuring tape before thrifting online as you can’s try or measure the clothes directly. Usually, the seller will clearly state the size that you can use as a reference.

Create a list of trusted stores
Same with offline thrifting, you should also find out what are the trusted used clothing stores. If you have, make a list of stores that sell according to the type of clothing that represents your personal style. You can use apps or websites that do have credibility regarding used clothing products. It can also be an online shopping application with many choices of trusted used clothing sellers.

Those are some tips for shopping for used clothes, both offline and online. Don’t forget to always shop according to your budget and needs, okay? Happy thrifting.