Decluttering or tidying the wardrobe while reducing its contents is not that simple for some people. Although not an easy thing, decluttering is important especially for those of you who have piles of clothes that are rarely or never worn for a long time.

This is to get used to living a minimalist life and buying clothes according to needs. The aim is none other than to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry. So that your closet decluttering activity is a success, here are some tips that you can follow.

Prepare physically and mentally

Since you will be taking out, sorting, cleaning, and putting clothes back in the closet, make sure you are in top physical condition, okay? Not only physical preparation, mental condition must also be prepared, because you will often be faced with the choice of “should this shirt be kept or removed?”.

The best thing to do so that the decluttering process doesn’t overwhelm you is to start small first. For example, you can start from one side of the closet and the other side can continue the next day. You should also choose the right day, preferably on a holiday.

Prepare a place for the clothes that have been sorted

You can prepare used cardboard boxes, clothes containers, or trash cans. These containers are separated into places for clothing that is thrown away, donated, recycled, or sold. Also prepare a container for clothes that can still be repaired for later storage or donation. Make sure the position of the prepared place or container is close to a clearly legible label.

Decide what clothes need to be stored and not

The most important step in any decluttering process, including clothing, is deciding what to get rid of and what not to. In this case, you certainly need to be a little firm with yourself in order to make an effective decision.

Starting from clothes that you rarely use or only use once after buying. If you feel the clothes can still be reused, make sure they can be used in the near future. Then, choose clothes that don’t suit you, whether they’re too small or too big. In addition, get rid of clothes with the same or similar models.

Get out of the house immediately

After really sorting, immediately take it away from home to the donation or sale of used clothing. Getting out of the house immediately is very important to avoid negative feelings after decluttering. If delayed, the possibility of feeling guilty can arise and make you reluctant to continue removing them from the house.

Check the goods receipt schedule for donation locations or used goods sales. By knowing the schedule, you can manage so that the sorting and distribution times are not too far apart, at least less than a week.