For book lovers, you may now have a pile of books that are rarely or no longer read. Here are tips so that your book collection is neater and doesn’t go to waste and become trash. Check the following reviews.

Sort Collection

If you’re having trouble reducing your book collection, here are some tips:

  • No need to save all the series from your favorite books. Just save the one you like the most.
  • No need to keep all the cookbooks. You can copy some of the recipes that are used or liked the most. So, you don’t need to keep those recipe books that you rarely read.
  • Textbooks or notes during school should not need to be stored on bookshelves.
  • Every time you finish reading a book, ask yourself if you will read it again. Otherwise, it doesn’t need to be on your bookshelf anymore.
  • Move your reading activities to e-books or other online reading media.

Don’t Have To Throw Them Away

After sorting your collection of books, you don’t have to always throw them in the trash. The wisest way is to donate, recycle, or reuse it for a specific purpose.

Tips for Donating Your Book

  • Do not donate books that are damaged, exposed to water, or smelly.
  • Make sure the book you donate is a readable book, not a sticker collection or scrapbook.
  • Don’t donate old books from the library that you forgot to return. Better give it back to the library.
  • Knowledge books, such as outdated encyclopedias, should not be donated.

Recycle and Repurpose

  • Find a variety of recycling inspiration to create your unused books.
  • Recycle the paper in the book to be reused as a notebook.
  • Make your used book as a display in the corner of the house.

Where Should Used Books Go?

  • Used bookstores, both offline and online.
  • Friends, family or people around you.
  • An antique shop that accepts your book for display.
  • Libraries that accept used and old books in your area.
  • A number of book donation programs in your area.