At every step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, it is important to always establish an eco-friendly mindset. Likewise in matters of beauty and body care. The following are some steps you can apply for a more sustainable beauty routine.

Don’t Hesitate to Change Brands

Feel free to change products to more environmentally friendly ones. You can start from soaps, shampoos, body lotions, or anything that you don’t have any attachment to a particular brand. The way to determine whether a particular brand is environmentally friendly is by looking at what environmentally-friendly aspects are included in the product. For example, the raw materials used, the production process, packaging, and product distribution. You can also check whether the brand is contributing to the eco-friendly movement or has sustainable lifestyle programs. Of course, you don’t need to choose a product or brand with all these aspects. Just one or two is enough as a start towards an eco-friendly beauty routine.

Disposable to Reuse

We understand that when it comes to skincare, it is difficult to find products that are environmentally friendly and at the same time suitable for the needs of your skin. If it’s not possible to replace skincare products, what you can do is reduce the waste they produce. For example, stop applying disposable facial cotton and change to reusable facial cloths. You can also change your makeup brushes, combs, or beauty applicators to the ones that are recyclable. Avoid those made of plastic or animal hair. For guys, you can replace the shaver with one made of stainless steel, because it is plastic-free and more durable. Or, you can also choose the one with the bamboo-made handle.

Simplify the Order

In order to reduce waste, it is highly recommended to reduce the order of your skincare routine to a simpler one. If you previously took 10 steps, reduce it to just a few basic steps, such as face washing, toner, moisturizer, and then sunscreen. Especially if your facial skin is still relatively healthy. Because the more steps, the more products are used as well. This will add more waste to your house. For makeup, you can turn to multi-purpose products. For example, using the same product for lips, blush, and eye shadow.

Make Your Own at Home

Using soap or shampoo bars is currently one of the solutions to reduce plastic waste. Many soap or shampoo bars products are already environmentally friendly and good for the skin as they are made from organic ingredients. They are also getting easier to find in organic or eco-friendly stores. We can also make them at home with ingredients that we can found around us, ranging from milk, tea, oranges, and so on. To maximize the use of soap or shampoo bars, there are several ways you can follow. Among them is to use a hollow container (recommended not made of plastic) and keep it away from the shower. That way, the quality is maintained and it can be used for a long time.