A delicious feast is what many of us look forward to during the Chinese New Year. Besides meats as the usual superstars, there are also plenty of vegan dishes that are perfect for the occasion. Here are some vegan dishes for Chinese new year that you can try:

  • Lo Bak Go

Made of turnips, flour, and vegetables, Lo Bak Go can be steamed or fried. It is a classic dish that can be found all year round.

  • Vegetable Spring Rolls

Many would prefer vegetable spring rolls due to their delicious crunchiness. The vegetables add a naturally sweet flavor. 

  • Lo Han Jai

Also known as Buddha’s delight, this classic dish is made of stir-fried vegetables and mushrooms. There are many variants of this dish, but all of them are usually vegan.

  • Long Life Noodles

A staple during Chinese New Year dinner, this noodle dish is usually simple. Cooked with vegetables and mushrooms.

  • Lotus Roots Stir Fry

Lotus roots can symbolize harmony and abundance. That is why vegetables can often be seen during the Chinese New Year. There are many different ways to cook lotus roots, and one of them is to stir-fry them with other delicious vegetables.

Which Vegan Dishes for Chinese New Year would you like to try?

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