You probably already work more in the office for the past few months. If yes, please always keep in mind to stay conscious and eco-friendly. One of the important things you need to do is to keep from generating too much waste from your activities at the office. Reducing office waste also has other benefits, besides affecting the environment.

So, let’s see what ways you can do to reduce waste in the office through the following reviews. Psst, invite your office mates to reduce waste too!

Reduce Paper Waste in the Office

Paper is the most widely used product in the office. It would be better if all activities in your office were paperless. However, if this still cannot be done, it is important that you reduce its use as much as possible. You can do this by:

  • Share work materials, such as briefs and presentations, via email or online files.
  • If there is a file that needs to be edited, it doesn’t need to be printed, but edited directly on the computer.
  • Use both sides of the paper when printing.
  • Store data digitally.
  • Use small pieces of paper for memos or quick notes.
  • Avoid buying printed magazines or newspapers, instead use online applications to read them.

Reduce Plastic Waste in the Office

Activities at the office all day certainly don’t prevent you from snacking often, right? At certain hours, you may feel the need to buy snacks or packaged drinks. This is what must be reduced, because the packaging of your snacks contributes to plastic waste.

Not only reducing snacks, make sure you also avoid buying products for the office that are packaged in plastic. Even when there is delivery of goods to the office, you can ask the sender not to use too much plastic.

Initiative to Recycle

Working in the office is certainly not far from the use of electronic goods. For electronic items that are not used, don’t throw them in the trash. You can propose an initiative to the office to recycle these items, for example batteries.

This is also not limited to electronic goods, but anything that allows for recycling. You can partner with local communities that are able to handle office waste for recycling.

Benefits of Reducing Waste in the Office

  • Save Energy and Cost. Reducing paper, for example, can reduce the company’s operating costs. In addition, less printing with the printer, the less electrical energy is used.
  • Save Space. Fewer things are bought or used in the office, we can save more space. This is important, because the accumulation of goods will only store dust, small animal nests, to make the air quality not good.
  • Save Earth. Every small act to reduce waste is needed to save this earth.