Sending and receiving packages is part of a new normal, that unfortunately comes with the pile of boxes and plastic wrappings. There is sure a lot of mess even for only one package. Seems unavoidable, but there are things we can do to reduce its calamity. So here is what can we do with all this packaging:

1. Recycle

Boxes can be recycled through recycling centers or scavengers. Make sure your boxes are free from plastic tape and stickers.

2. Reuse the packaging

Open your package carefully! You may able to salvage some packaging and use it again in the future. The bubble wrap for example will be great to be used again and again without breaking

3. Choose shops that care

There are shops that offer plastic-free delivery like Ramahbhumi, and some even offer cashback by returning their box. Of course, you can always chat and ask for no or less plastic.

4. Opt for no cutleries

In the online transport application, you can opt for no plastic cutleries. But just to make sure, you may want to remind the restaurant or driver.

Bubble Wrap Terbuat dari Kertas
Bubble Wrap Made of Paper

For you who often send packages, we have some alternatives you might want to check out!

1. Reconsider using bubble wrap

Do you really need that much bubble wrap? Always try to reduce while making sure the product is safe. Paper bubble wraps are now available to use. It is plastic free and looks much nicer! Other than that you can also use shredded paper, and even processed hays.

2. Swap your tape

Have you ever heard about the gummed tape? This paper tape uses a natural additive that is safe for the earth. If it is too expensive, paper tape is also a better choice than plastic one.

3. Uses Paper Cable Tie

Cable tie is heavily used in sending food & beverage items. It’s becoming another major issue for the ocean’s life.  Imagine how much you can save by using a paper cable tie!